[How-To] Improve Windows Server experience (Remote connection)

Hello all, I’ve recently acquired a dedicated server with Windows Server 2019 but became tired of the constant lagging/high latency from connecting via remote desktop even though I have well surpassed the internet requirements. I’ve found a great solution to access your Windows server remotely using a program called Parsec. When working on my FiveM server, personally I like setting up my own work area on the dedicated server and doing it directly there but it can become quite tedious with the latency flaws the default Windows RD program has.

Parsec is initially meant for gaming but can also be very useful just to provide a smooth/low latency remote connection to another machine (in this case your Windows VPS or Dedi) for when you want to use it as a work station. The best feature is that it is FREE.

My experience so far has been excellent and has assisted in improving my productivity immensely, you can choose from a huge variety of settings from your client and the host including streaming at up to 50Mbps as well as selecting decoder types/resolutions.

You can setup Parsec easily following these steps:

  1. Sign up at https://parsecgaming.com/
  2. Download it on your personal PC and sign in
  3. Download it on your server that you are going to connect to and sign in.
  4. The computer(Your Windows Dedi/VPS) you want to connect to should appear on the ‘Computers’ section of the Parsec program (on your PC).
  5. Press connect!

Now you should have a silky smooth remote desktop experience!


Thanks U!

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Sucks that RDP causes issues.

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Yup, i’ve never gone back to Windows RDP after discovering this lol

This is especially useful for those of us with several screens. I recently had to connect the old way and I was ready to chuck my work computer out the window. One thing to note though is not to set the streaming capabilities too high as I have found this does create some server side packet loss on over-stressed connections.

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Another option if you have multiple developers is to use the “Share” function of Visual Code. You can edit the scripts in real time with other people. Also a good way to watch if you have a developer working on it for you.