How to import .sql files to my database

i can’t create a database i only have 2 on phpmyadmin, and i dont have persmissions to create more, so how i could import .sql files to tabels ? i need fast help, please :((


You do know that google can tell you how to do that… Not really sure how you haven’t figured this out by yourself.

This is not a FiveM related issue or question. Use google to find out how to create a database and import a .sql file into phpmyadmin

but i can’t create a database. thats the problem. I dont have persmissions i only have 2 databases db14427 and
information_schema and i can’t create a new one. i was googling it by 2 hours.

these problems #1044 and #1146 doesn’t exist i can’t repair this.

i dont know and how i must copy this, in all places where i copy this, in all places was bad

db14427 is the one you will be using.

and i must create tables and in them import sql files ?

This totally depends on the import file. Whether it creates the tables for you or not.

Open up the sql import file and see if it creates the tables. Usually they do

how i can import sql file to this database, when i try do this i have #1146 error:
INSERT INTO items (name, label, limit) VALUES
(‘weed’, ‘Weed’, 50),
(‘weed_pooch’, ‘Pochon de weed’, 10),
(‘coke’, ‘Coke’, 50),
(‘coke_pooch’, ‘Pochon de coke’, 10),
(‘meth’, ‘Meth’, 50),
(‘meth_pooch’, ‘Pochon de meth’, 10),
(‘opium’, ‘Opium’, 50),
(‘opium_pooch’, ‘Pochon de opium’, 10)
MySQL zwrócił komunikat: Dokumentacja

#1146 - Table ‘db14427.items’ doesn’t exist

Can you read? It obviously does not create the table, so you will have to create it yourself with the right column names and types

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