[How-to] How To Stream Replace Weapons

Hello, This is a tutorial on how to stream custom weapons to your FiveM server.

This is to replace the weapons in game this is not for add-ons

I’m gonna use this weapon for example https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/awp-from-cs-go-animated and the normal gun inside this pack

So first thing you is make a folder what ever you want to call it and put it in your server resources. Then inside that folder make a stream folder. Then make a text document and then click on that click save as and click all files and name it __ resource.lua (2X__) Then put all the files for the gun in the stream folder and in the server.cfg put start (what you named your resource)

Make stream folder

Make a __resource.lua file

Drag weapon files in to stream folder


How do you create weapons I want to create a paint ball gun for the server

I don’t know how to actually create weapons but you can try to look up for a paintball gun.

i have a paintball gun but its a replacement for the pistol 50

You know how to do it now?

what do you put in the lua. file


how do you add this gun to the gun shop?

sorry for being inactive.

But I don’t know what you are talking about?

If it is esx I don’t know anything about it.

I did everything on the lesson but there is a problem.
Five M throws an error ((Couldn’t load resource snowball2 :frowning: ))
What did I do wrong?

do not name the resource resource.lua (2X)!!!

What to put in lua file and can you add multiple replace weapons?

How do I get multiple carbine rifle replacements and not just 1

What i need to write inside the __resource.lua?

what do i have to put into the __resource.lua file?