How To Grow A Community?

Hi There!

I Am Wondering How To Grow A Community
I Would Like To Have A Active Community Before I Whitelist My Server

Keep In Mind That My Server Started In February Of This Year


I am sure this would come as a common and pretty simple answer, but advertise your server, be it on Discord servers, or in your Discord bio and even branch out on social media pages, post photos from events in your server, development work. Look into partnerships with other communities - this might be modding communities, other FiveM communities or go beyond just FiveM and this platform, there is so much you can do to push yourself out there.

Good luck!

Basic marketing. Have an idea of what your target community is, the kind of audience you’re looking for.

Best advice is put yourself in the seat of that “casual player” looking for a server to join, a community to be part of. What would they want to type in the FiveM search bar to look for your server? If your server content is very similar to many other servers, find what parts of your server makes you “unique” against other servers, give people a reason to want to play in your server than someone else’s. As mentioned above, take advantage of social media.

Also recommend networking with other servers and communities, see what it is that other communities are doing and what you can learn from them to build your own. But, keep in mind a lot of server communities don’t like promotion of other servers, and really look down upon people “stealing” players from other communities. Also, you don’t want to be a “biter”, copycatting other servers. Had a server once that literally copied our format, both server title words and entire Discord down to the exact words, and it didn’t really end well for them. :rofl:

It usually helps if you have a close group of friends that have your back, that way you don’t feel alone through this journey.


We Run A Orange County FL Server
Only Other Server Like Ours Is OCRP As Far As I know

Lucky I Run My Server With My Close Friend

Will Defiantly Use Some Of Your Suggestions And let You Know How It Goes

Thanks For The Advice!

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Will Try And Expand To Twitter , Reddit , Imgur , Instagram And Even Tiktok
I Also Plan On making A YouTube Video Compering Our Old Server DOJRPCMS
To Our New One And How We Have Changed For The Better

The One Problem I have Found With Partnerships Is That There Servers And Player Bases Are Very Different From Our Server

Thanks For The Advice And Response!

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I really need some players in my server TrapLand Rp ems pd gangs owners i added lots to do but i dont know how to get people to join its rp and lots of cars mlos jobs surfing racing all that what the best way to promote a server

Add commonly searched words to your server name and try the above methods!

Make your server stand out content wise. People server hop and many servers out there are NP clones and people get bored of it, fast! For me its all about the content. If you have scripts that no other server has you are bound to see people stick around. Get some unique scripts made up that people will enjoy.

I have not advertised my server anywhere really and we sit happily with 128 and a 10 to 15 queue.

Having a high populated server sounds good but if you aint got the staff to manage it or your eco is out of whack then you will struggle to keep people happy.

Speaking as a RP server.

Our server i found is pretty unique out of all the ocrp clones we seem ( in my opinion) the closest server to ocrp

This has brought us some players however it is trying to keep the server active that is the issue

I dont live in the us to starting and hosting patrols are and issue

I was working on making some unique lspd cars and sspd , pbpd cars

At the end of the day, trying to maintain a 100% retention rate with players is impossible. As said before, people will hop between servers out of habit.

Best thing you can do is always maintain a positive attitude, and always forward-thinking - always try to “better” your server with more content. And bigger is not always better, just adding more shit which then causes either optimization issues (much like my server has) or making it very user-unfriendly will turn people off and make them want to jump ship quicker than when you had less content.

Always have a positive mindset, and that will always trickle down to your players that will want to be around your positivity more often. We have three servers, two OneSync 64’s (one public and one private) and one 32, and my poor dev skills (I learned how to FiveM with the current server format) gives us poor optimization and freezing/crashing issues, but people still continue to play because I keep trying to promote a happy and healthy environment while also regularly giving them new cars for content (automotive-based server).