How to fix this phone

Unable to load the ESX shared object.
Is ESX or ESX-Legacy installed?

this is script of praryo…

Ensure you’re starting the phone and esx_addon resource after ESX has started.

you mean like this?

What version of ESX are you running?

ESX Legacy sir…

this is showing when i press F1

Rather than a new error in every post, can you post the server terminal output from server start to when these errors occur? It’s impossible to help if we can’t see everything that’s going wrong.

because this phone is set up for t0kovoip script and i changed it to pma-voice …i will send here the script
phone.rar (1.8 MB)

please check what is wrong with the script please…

It’s designed for a custom framework and not stock ESX. I removed the custom xplayer call from server.cfg and added the necessary dependencies and shared libs to the config file. The resource no longer errors out on startup but you’ll likely continue to run into issues as you try to use it in a framework it wasn’t written for. (1.8 MB)

i think this one
this is the old set up

pyrp_base.rar (37.0 KB)
check this

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