[HOW TO DO IT?] -- Walking stick attach

Anyone has the code where attach a walking stick to the hand?

How can i do it?

You have to make animation like in dpemotes which you are using,
Like you have to get prop name-
And create animation like this -
Code from dpemotes/Client/Animation.lua

       Prop = "hei_prop_heist_box",
       PropBone = 60309,
       PropPlacement = {0.025, 0.08, 0.255, -145.0, 290.0, 0.0},
       EmoteLoop = true,
       EmoteMoving = true,

Change the prop and prop bone and placement accordingly.

OK, I’m going to do it, thanks. Do you know the walking stick prop name? Jeje

Ya it’s here - prop_cs_walking_stick