How to disable the new 'svgui' on start?

I just found this method, I don’t really know if it’s the best way.

Add on your server.cfg svgui like a start command.

ensure some-script

Best way? Let me know ↓

i will edit this message with other ways to do it
From @TheIndra (probably the best way)
+set svgui_disable true

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+set svgui_disable true


That is the same as adding it to the .cfg ?

Add it to your startup command otherwise it will still start.

i have a question, why are startup arguments like this or all of onesync not listed on a page like for server commands?

First off, there’s no distinction between startup arguments and actual used commands/variables. If you place a ‘start-time variable’ in a .cfg file with a set prefix, it’ll still be executed fine.

Simple: nobody has written such down yet. Documentation doesn’t write itself.

Yes, Precisely, and it is not someone who does not know that the said command exists who will be able to write it…
The people who create them can at least document them a minimum, right?


Not that easy.

Nah I’m sorry but when I publish something that I have developed I document at least the commands and important things to know! Especially since FiveM is still quite specific, no command looks like anything else in existence … So in addition to things as specific as “+ set svgui_disable” or “onesync_cullingVehicle”, the former is understandable, but the second, personally I don’t even know what it is for! The only places where we see it is in configuration examples, without any kind of explanation on its usefulness …
So like everything on fivem we are forced to do research again and again on the forum to try to find a track to our problems while a complete documentation would reduce research on the forum by half. So FiveM is a game whose survival relies on its forum. And it’s also a huge drag on developers and server administrators. Always in the dark, never clarity, always “trying” until we find a formula that holds … in short, now you do as you want, but the day or the forum is out of service all the dev are unemployed …


that’s maybe because you’re not even meant to use or nor should you ever need to use it?

also, it in fact is documented and explained (and since obsoleted), so that’s a really bad example

svgui_disable is meanwhile part of a WIP feature and doesn’t even exist unless you use ‘nightly’ server builds so again is not documented for the reason that most people won’t even have the variable exist or need to use it

if you’re ‘employed’ as a ‘fivem server maintainer’, you know you’re violating the tos, right?

no documentation is ever ‘complete’.

also, you have the actual source code here, unlike with most other software.

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that’s maybe because you’re not even meant to use or nor should you ever need to use it?

In fact, how do you know if you need it when you don’t know what it is for? Ok, sorry I had swimming the day this ‘news’ came out. So if I sum up, and its multiple pages, the native ones on, the forum, the individual posts (such as -game-state / 1831709) which talk about a specific topic from … Is it just me that shocks? In short, for “unemployed” it is a French expression “au chomage” to say that we “do nothing”.

no documentation is ever ‘complete’.

Yes, I totally agree, but I am talking about the fact that there is “no” documentation regarding fivem boot arguments and server variables. And I’m sorry but only those who develop them can properly document them…
Just one page would be enough to describe them all in one sentence at worst, but nothing, it’s hard what …

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i set on svgui but it doesnt showup

"svgui" is "on"