[How-To] Convert Vehicle Add-On to FiveReborn resource

Can anyone get the tuning part to work, if yes how then? :=)

Hi, Could you give me 1 example of how to put 2 or more cars? I tried combining the __resource.lua and vehicle_names.lua files and it did not work.


What if I only have yft and ytd files? any solution?


EDIT 1: Ok, I have to found the original car and take information from it! thanks, that work :wink:

In your carvariations for the vehicle, say for example F430, the part that has


should have


Where x is the number of the modkit and xxx is the name of the modkit, so it may look like “999_F430_modkit”


With some cars (exemple: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ferrari-458-italia-hot-pursuit-police-autovista-add-on-replace), I have ZLIB error with a link to a page on rockstar game website and they said that we have to make a -verify launch (what I done, all good) and if the problem still here, re install completly the game…

I think it’s a problem at convertion to FiveReborn or something like that…

Any idea? thanks!

zlib errors are usually from textures being to highly detailed

Hi bronyrapper,

I have the following and still I see nothing:



<id value="166" />

so, to solve it I have to extract the texture, resize/reduce quality and repack it?

Sorry this might sound dumb but how do you spawn the vehicle in game after installing everything?

I’ve had addon modkits not showing in Singleplayer, so I don’t know what fix you need, but, atleast for replacement cars, and common sense’s sake, you are doing it right, there’s just something else you and I (atleast in my SP) are missing to make it work, wish I could be of more help

nothing here has anything to do with single player

Damn ok. Thanks for your reply

omg, I had to mess with it a bit because the Nissan 180sx had more files than the example, but be patient this method does work. I’m no expert but if anyone is having issues I can tell you the places I had trouble and what I did to get passed it. Thanks!!! its a lil glitchy but Ill get it working. the car is there but the sounds for the car are not working. but that could be due to the add-on itself i dunno.

I did everything right and when I spawn the vehicle the five reborn closes and an error below will be the prints posted on the gyazo.


Looks good from what i can see. Be sure that it’s an actual AddOn and not a replace though. If the meta files are trying to modify existing vehicles/entries itll error. Can you link me the addon your trying to convert and ill take a look?

https://pt.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-s1000-rr-2014 this is the add-on

ill take a look, although the comments section says this crashes their game too even as a normal addon

@digosiv Did you get this to work for multiple car addon in one file?

Is working for me, but without Tuning Parts

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Whenever I try to do this, this happens when I attempt to connect to the server.