[How-to] Change your servername's color

If you want to change your server list, this tutorial is the way to go. Edit the sv_hostname "" section of your server configuration.

Note: You must be a part of the FiveM Element Club and be using your own server key for this to work within the server list!

^0 is White (#F0F0F0)
^1 is Red (#F44336)
^2 is Green (#4CAF50)
^3 is Yellow (#FFEB3B)
^4 is Blue (#42A5F5)
^5 is Light Blue (#03A9F4)
^6 is Purple (#9C27B0)
^7 is White (#F0F0F0)
^8 is Orange (#FF5722)
^9 is Grey (#9E9E9E)

Here is an example of how you would use these colours:

sv_hostname "^1My ^2FXServer ^3Wew!"

Would display in the server list (“dark” “theme”) as:

and without “dark” “theme”:

I hope I was able to help members who have been looking at and wondering how do do this.

Have fun with these,

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Nice, GJ on the tutorial.


Good job

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Thanks, cookie for u.

@kanersps @Auxi - Semi-related, When writing a /help command is there a way to start a new line?

This doesn’t to work :confused:


New FiveM server browser dosen’t use font colors anymore buddy. Although you can still use this post for changing your in game text to differerent colors.

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Do you know, what the new browser uses?

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i think you need an “premium account”

where can i find citmp-server.yml i tried looking everywhere in filezilla

Its renamed to your server.cfg


thanks for reply man appreciate it

Is there anyway to type in black?

can you make it bold?

Must be a FiveM patreon now or else you can not have coloured text in your server’s name :slight_smile:

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I am patreon of FiveM and I paid 25$ and I dont know how to set it up to work. Can you explain?

Any new AND existing server keys will be automatically converted to have the required policies. In other words, all you have to do now is use the color codes (^1 to ^7) to apply the colors as you wish.


everyone ca do that or only paid users?

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