How to change build/game version [ from 1604 ]

hi guys so… i have a question, most probably a very dumb one. I’m not exactly new to scripting fivem servers, although ive started developing a server with a few of my friends. I’m the main dev and when we take a pause from working on our server we hop on a server to have some fun, when we do so fivem tells us that we need to restart fivem in order to change the game version to a newer one. I was wondering, that means that our server runs on a old version, therefore i cannot find any tutorial or forum post on how to update the game version to the newest one. How do i do so? (We have new artifacts)

Also, yes I realise how dumb I am for not knowing this but its confusing, do artifacts have anything to do with the “build/game version” ? If not, where is the game version located? How do you update it?

Depending on the server you are joining. As far as I know, when I try to join RSM Freeroam or servers like that, it also tells me that I need to change my version. Not sure if it is our problem or their, but nevermind, just try asking your friend if he can join to another RP server or whatever to see if the problem persist.

Hope I helped you out ^^

Hey The_Prophet101 i am also having the same issue and can not figure out where i change this from 1604 to a newer version like 2060

the game version is just the server artifacts

no, it isn’t?

oh thought it was. Then what server artifact is 1604 ?

… server artifact and game version are two different things. the build version is the gta version (1604 is arena wars i think) and artifact number is just to keep track of each new version of fxserver

oh ok i didn’t know this how do i change the game version then for my server?

add sv_enforcegamebuild 2189 for cayo perico and 2060 for casino

Where do I add that to, just my console or server.cfg?