How to add liveries onto a car

Beginners guide to putting liveries on cars.

Step 1:
Find a model and a livery you would like to use.

Step 2:
Download OpenIV and open it.

Step 3:
Open the files of your vehicle.

Step 4:
Open the file.ytd.

Step 5:
If you are replacing a texture, look for and replace it with your image.

Step 6:
If you are adding another image, take the included name and add a 2. At the top, click the plus and click import.

Step 7:
Export the files.


What if there is no pre-made liveries?

I should have made the title “Beginners guide to adding a livery to a car”. If there are no pre-made liveries, you can usually find the template for the vehicle included in the files and make one. Alternatively you can have someone make one for you, but I don’t doubt you’d have to pay.

Will it work for any car? Or liveries has to be somehow compatible for a vehicle?

do u add the 2 where the 2 is or do u add the 2 after the dds