[How to] Add Addon Cars into ESX_VehicleShop (MYSQL)

For me there is no id tab, plz help

I have to tables in the database one is cardealer_vehicles and one is vehicles the one with vehicles has no id column and the one in dealer vehicles does but no category. and if I add a car to the vehicle table in my server I goto dealer and the purple circle does nothing. if I use the cardealer_vehicles and add a car there the dealer in the server works but the car I added is nowhere to be found Help, please!!!

habe das selbe problem

es ist alles eingetragen aber die fahrzeuge werden nicht angezeigt

out dated vehicle shop clear your database and restart your database

can i get the adding a car tuto

you have to make sure model name and spawn code match what it says in the vehicles.meta exactly or it will break the script.