How to activate colored name in fivem (I am patreon)

Hello, I’m patreon, but I would like to know how to activate the colored name in the public list of the fivem as it is only appearing in the “Direct Connect”
I already generated the license all right but I have this problem and I also need to know about the color codes

Same problem for me, Would love to see the reply to fix.

Color Codes: Chat Formatting // Colors, Bold, Underline

Colours should work if a high enough patrson level…

What Patreon Would that be?

It’s all there if you just read…

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thats what we have but on others you see it in the Server list, It only shows it on direct connect

Did the account that has the element club make a custom server key? Just go to fivems key master then make a key. Then you can put colours easily

EX: ^1My FiveM Server!

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

I am patreon of 15 and wanted to know how to put in colors the name of my server in zap hosting in the list of servers

anyways to change the background color? as some show up red or yellow.? im argentum and havnt seen this feature, is it higher or should i have that as well as colored name?

You want to make the Server Name in Options blank and than in your config/server.cfg configure manually in #Set your Server’s Hostname