How much does it cost to open a server?

Hey there, how much does it cost to setup a server and pay per month?
Euros or Dollars doesnt matter… i can do the math,
also should i use a VPS server to install the proper files scripts etc or some other service?
I did a search on Zap Hosting they seem reliable but my question is how much money do i need to see if my pocket can handle that money. Also first i am interested for 32 players slot.

Thanks John

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Hi, i host my server from home on a old PC i have and it costs me nothing at all to run if you are not counting the electricity bill, but if you are looking for a reliable server hosting company i would recommend anywhere apart from Zap. I haven’t personally had experience with them but i know many people who have. From what i have heard their server go down A LOT, their pings go very high some times (server side) And some people say that the support team don’t explain things very well when needed. I do apologise if this does not answer you question but if i was in your shoes just use a old PC if you have one. Stay safe and have a great day.
Best regards Tom.

Hey you are very helpfull. I did some search any found many complaints about Zap hosting also. i just meantion it, i could use digital oceans vps that doesnt matter i think. i have a old machine but has 1 gb of ram and one hdd like 250gb if i remember correctly, so i assume thats not enough. Also my internet connection for now i little bit low ( 10 mbps down 0.70 up) so i cannot afford a server for now at least.
So i need a vps service after all right?

Hi, i cannot recommend a VPS Since i have never used one in my life :laughing: But i’m sure if you search on google “Best vps for FiveM Server hosting” or something like that, this will also work on the FiveM Forums since there are thousands of FiveM Members and i’m sure there are others that wonder the same thing as you. I do apologise about me knowing nothing about VPS But i hope you find one that suits you very soon.
Best regards Tom

thanks i will search it.
can you tell me your PC’s specs?

I can confirm to you that Zap Hosting offer a perfectly fine dedicated/vps service. I would however stay away from their game servers if you want a more reliable experience.

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Hi, i run my server on a old laptop that i used to work on. It was a $150 at the time on Ebay, i believe it has Ryzen processor and graphics card (Not to sure on the actually name) and it has 4gb ram (I know not a lot).

my main question is how much money do i need to spend per month for a server? not anything special in first pleace, interested in 32 slot or 16 i am ok with it.

I pay under £20 p/m using zap hostings dedicated builds. I use lifetime coupons tho so you wont get it that low without those life times but I’d imagine something like £15-£30 p/m

so you spend 20 per month something like right ?
does the city have any lags?

ZAP-Hosting Windows dedicated servers start at 17,90€.

That comes with an Intel Xeon 4 Cores CPU, 8GB of RAM and 60GB of SSD.

I personally use one of their Windows Dedicated and they work great in my opinion. Mine has alot more power since you can customize them and you don’t pay extra for a Windows License.

As for city lags, I host mine in Germany since it’s the closest to where the community I’m aiming for lives but I’ve never had any lags so far and I live far from Germany.

They currently have servers in Dallas and Germany at the moment, all their other locations are full.

If you decide to go with ZAP, use this code: TehZombiJesus-a-8357 to receive a 10% discount on the entire duration of all products.

I bought 2x products from Zap-Hosting. I can recommend their VPSs but I would also stay away from their game servers they are pretty unstable from my experience. You can get Debian 10 VPS from 4€ per month but be prepared that you are on it alone. Their support team just sucks… they won’t help you with anything.

So are you playing using one computer and localhosting your server on another one ? I have a localhost server but it is on the computer I am using to play on fiveM also. How good your server works with about 5-10 peoples playing on it while running the server also?

Hello, Yes i use one PC to play FiveM and another to run the server, and it really depends on how your PC runs the one i use to host the server is quite old so it can sometimes lag, but 5-10 people isn’t a real problem it’s normally when it reaches the 15-20 mark then it gets a bit iffy. Sorry for the late reply btw, i am been busy irl and haven’t had time to play or roam around the FiveM forums.

Hi, I was looking to open a a FiveM server with my old pc and i wanted to ask you if you pay something for the server ?
Thank you

Aiming for 64 Slots? Go for VPS 4GB Dual or Quad cpu.

Aiming for 100-300 players? Go dedicated, 16 Gigs of ram are okay but not great, ill reccomend 32GB.
SSD should atleast have 128GB of space and a fast quad core or better is suitable.
If you can afford get another SSD for backups.

Our server has 1GLACP / DDOS mitigation and we pay 185€ monthly for it.

This is with 220 players online.


i am having a vps from OVH in France, 64 slots ( iam not there yet , i am getting 20 players ) 16 gigs of ram and 8 cores of cpu, LINUX UBUNTU distro, about 189 resources, but most of players playing with 60-70 fps… i dont know whats wrong

Which issue occurs?

Low FPS?
Check your addon vehicles and MLOS/YMAPS aswell as ressource heavy ressources.
Deavtivate them one by one.


Should probably check resmon on client side.