How Do I Stop Random People From Joining My Server?

Our clan is trying to patrol, how do we add a password, so that random people won’t join.

Whitelist your server.

The best way i have found is to just go in to citmp-server.yml and turn Announce = to false. so your server name wont show up in the server list and people will have to connect manually through the little gear icon in the top right of fivereborn. much easier (in my opinion) than having to white list every single ip that you want to be able to join. especially if you have clan members that use a VPN this can be a nightmare for people like that to join. i know that you might also want to advertise on the server list (good publicity) so just make a new directory with a separate server and whitelist it but with no ip’s able to connect so it’s in the server list but no one is able to join (or you could just make it public that way people could play ect ect but it’s really up to you)