How do I spawn custom add-on peds?


How do I stream custom add-on peds?. I guess its similar to how car’s are added, but could I request an example?
I haven’t been able to figure out how it’s done…


Literately exactly the same, just create a folder with the oed name instead of the vehicle name and put the ped files in that folder.

U did notice that I’m talking about add-on peds right?

So 3 days have pasted. And not one meaningful reply :frowning: Is it even posible?

ill be posting a tutorial soon for this, just figured it out myself, ill be sure to post a ling after i do

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I will be looking very much forward to that. Thank you for your answer!

can you give me a hit? :slight_smile: If I can’t figure it out from that I promise not to ask further questions? :slight_smile:

Any news @Marxy…?

Soon :tm:

Just got permission to use some models for examples so should probably have it uploaded today

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