How do i get my players to be able to use the thick female peds?

Okay i’ve seen around in servers with female peds that have bigger breasts and bottoms, one of my players wants to run and operate the VU and she asked if there was a way that i could get those for the server but i just am lost on how i would even do that so if anyone could help that would be nice.



Sorry if this reply comes late.

Mostly server use mods for them. For example if you are talking about the Multiplayer Female ped. on GTA V Mods there are a decent amount of mods that increase breasts and bottom sizes.
Here is 1 for example. Bigger breast for mpfemale -

If you have more questions feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

Is there any player mp_female modles out there that look better than the ones now

They Are Usualy From

You Can Download Them And Place Them Into Your EUP Stream

Hope That Helps

Anyone able to elaberate on this? I downloaded the bigger breasts from gta5mods and put all the files in a straight up stream folder and I get nothing from it. I’ve ween through all of the uppr(which is the arms in the clothing menu) and can’t find them

Did You Convert Them To FiveM?

All i did was throw them in a stream folder and im nkt mistake you leave the fxmanifest empty besides the fxversion and game.

Like i know how to stream addon clothes, and other clothes, but with the body, it has a different type of file called mf_f_skin or something along those lines. And would love to make this body as an addon instead of a replace for a default body

Put That Then Keep The File Name As jbib_008 Or Uppr_74

So i leave the file/texture called mp_fm_skin_f_up_whi.ytd then for the ydd, instead of uppr_007_r.ydd itll be mp_f_freemode_01^uppr_007_r.ydd. Will that make that part of the body be on the option 7? or whatever?

If thats the case of how that works, then if I have a script that allows to change clothing to basically a custom dlcname like i do for the rest of my clothing that uses mp_f_freemode_01_qb^ then I can just make it mp_f_freemode_01_qb^uppr_000_r.ydd correct?

If Its 007 It Wont Be option 7 You Must Scroll Through It To Find It

but what I’m trying to get at is I’ve put the files in a stream folder as is

But when you go to the clothing options it is hands 15 which is default for most players and I don’t want to replace that one

the mp_fm_skin_f_up_whi.ytd if you open in openIV then it has a check option of uppr_015 so what is the purpose of the uppr_007_r.ydd if its still replacing 15?