How do i change my private server to a open server to anyone to join

Hi i am trying to make my server open to everyone instead of it being a private server. i want to let anyone join it but i try to find my answer on google and had no luck. when i installed it it was automatically private and i don’t want that. I am also having problems joining my server it is showing up but when i put in my ip port/ address its times out. i try to the 192.168… but it timed out so i look at some of the people questions on here that is having the same problems as i am. they were told to put but that is all they say so i put and it timed out as well. Am i supposed to add something after the or just i don’t know what i’m doing wrong.but i know i port forward like im supposed because it is showing my server on fivereborn and my firewall is off as well. Am i missing something? any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

  1. Port forward to the Listen Port in your citmp-server.yml [Default: 30120]
  2. Make sure Announce is set to true in citmp-server.yml [e.g Announce: true]

Your server should now appear in the server list, just sort by ping lowest to highest and it should be the first one. If you want your friends to join they can either find it on the server list or you can google my ip and send them that alongside with the listen port e.g If this doesn’t work check the server console for any errors as it might not even be starting. If the issue persists please tell me.

yeah i double check the information above you told me to check and everything is what it is supposed to be however when i looked at my server console it is saying frame time warning. server frame took 289 msec. its also shows that i timed out when i tried to join it so i know the server is working.

Paste your server.cfg and remove the license key before replying! Also go ahead and paste everything from the console.