How do I add a custom "mask" to FiveM?

Hello, with Open IV I made some stickers for my own mask that I made a while ago. I want to add it to FiveM. How do I replace my mask with a default one?

What I did:

  • I created a folder in “resources” called “addonmask”.

  • Inside the “addonmask” folder I created a folder called “stream” and created the file “_resource”.

  • In the “stream” folder I put the modified file extracted from OpenIV in “YDR” format.

What should the YDR file be called to replace my mask with one that is in the mask store?

Can you help me?

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You dont need YDR! you only need .ydd and the texture file (.ytd) !!! You have to search and find in Openiv in gta5 files the mask that you want to replace!! Its super easy to do it!! Dont forget to name the file with the path of the file… (The most important thing)!!! (for my Anonoymous RP server and staff) (la casa de papel for a gang in the same server)

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Hears! What you told me helped me a lot. I already name my mask with the path name of the file it replaces :slight_smile:

Do I share it on the server like I would any other replacement?

I mean:
folder -> _ resource + stream -> mask files ???

Regards ^^

Yes bro you have to stream it like the rest things :wink: Did you finish? is it working now with my tips?


Yes, thanks you very much! :slight_smile:

bro what do you mean by “path of the file” .

could u please help me?
i did everything u guys said above but still doesnt working
i wanna put the anonymous mask but isnt working

did u get it?