How did other server owners

I apologize in advance if this is something I shouldn’t have written here.

How did other server owners find developers?

I’m trying to open server with some supporters.
but i don’t have time and ability to develop.

Is someone have a idea or If there is a way, let me know.

I will carefully decline advice such as not opening the server. I really want to open an RP server with RedM. Because RedM is so romantic…

Be a developer, or already know one is how the vast majority of successful servers go somewhere. If you don’t have the time to develop a server, you certainly don’t have the time to run a full community that takes a tonne of time and effort to get off the ground.

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That’s not a fair assessment. People have tons of free time but most do not have the development skills. Tutorials are few and far between, understanding how REDM works when so much of it is still locked up behind walls is difficult even for the devs.

You are right in saying that he needs to find a dev, but saying he shouldn’t bother is asinine.

My comment was specifically stating if you don’t have the freetime to develop then you don’t have the freetime to run a server.

Also, all the information you need to develop scripts for RedM is freely and easily available. Not sure what you’re talking about.

Freely? Sometimes, easily? Not really. It’s a pretty common meme that it’s hard to learn dev work, and tons of server owners do not have any dev experience aside from editing config files.

Knowing how to do dev work past setting up the server configs helps, but is not a prerequisite for running a redm server. It never has been. Having good community management is as valuable if not more than having a dedicated developer.

Hence why I said in my original reply that if you don’t have time to develop you definitely don’t have time to manage a community which is far more time consuming especially when first starting than development is.

You should stop yapping and actually read what someone has said. Both of your replies have tried to argue against things I didn’t say.

In terms of scripting I’m not sure what’s not available. There is RedM references with most known Natives. If you’re working on something for a framework it’s up to that framework to provide you documentation. The only closely guarded development stuff has to do with making models, custom YFTs and buildings which there are tutorials for and are generally outside the scope of a regular server owner.