How can i make it Day Time all the time on My FIVEM Server

I’ve tried installing Multiple mods, i have vMenu, vSync and dolu_tool and cd easytime, none of them let me change the Time or Weather.
tried many things in the permissions file among these adding:
add_ace builtin.everyone "vMenu.Everything" allow
add_ace builtin.everyone "vMenu.WeatherOptions.All" allow
I remember being able to change time and weather in my friend’s server. Not sure if i messed something up or it’s some sort of permission on the actual server that is preventing me from changing the time. I mainly use the server for making videos so I’d like to be able to set the time and freeze it as well. If possible tell me a way for me to change this on the actual server and not using a mod

Thank You!

/time in chat

A common issue people have when trying to use vMenu permissions is they dont execute the actual permissions.cfg file when starting the server. If the server is already started try doing ‘exec permissions.cfg’ then do ‘ensure vMenu’

If you want to execute you permissions.cfg when the server is started make sure your vMenu folder is in the main resources directory, then put ‘exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg’ at the top of your server.cfg file.

that just tells your server to use vMenu permissions along with any other permissions you already use in server