Horrible Performance in FiveReborn

I just installed this mod and I am loving it,the only problem being is that i have to deal with 10 fps even though i can run GTA V with 60 fps.
If anyone could help me resolve this problem I would greatly appreciate it,thanks.
GTX 960M
1920X1080 60hz
Intel Core I7 -4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHZ
All drivers are fully updated by NVIDIA,thank you for reading.

@GrizzlyBearr Hello i just wanted to tell you its easy to fix, i got it working on my own laptop so this is what you need to do: press right mousebutton on fivereborn.exe, here you can something like ‘‘choose wich gpu to use’’ and choose your gpu you want

Eh? Explain what da fuck you do instead of " rightclick there, then click there, even tho i dont know where it is…"

@pipje2001 I don’t get it? What is a gpu? Do you mean that if we run it in some kind of compalitity mode we can get the frame back up?

@COndor A GPU is your video card, fivereborn doesn’t automatically choose the best video card thats why you have to do it yourself

@TTTr4 in your fivereborn folder is a file called fivereborn.exe ok?

@pipje2001 what the hell do you use? There is no such thing as choose which gpu to use.
And @TTTr4 your CPU is at 2.6GHZ. Decrease settings and try and run normal GTA 5 see what your performance is like.

@FiverebornBrutallity you have this option on a laptop, sorry for not mentioning it

Not on any laptop I know of.

@FiverebornBrutallity me neither XD