honest review

this has the makings of being a good city, great cash system. decent cars. the problem is bais admins day 1 was carried out of a green zone and killed without interaction told him to put me down ,ask a admin why he grab out of a green zone his words no clip no sit then walked away prior to him have a buddy conversation with the little boy. day 2 driving around got ran off the road again no prior interaction i got out the car was shot in the head went back to get my lick back i shot dude back who killed me. and the little boy admin gave me coms cause his friend got shot didnt tell me what for. So i called admin no on showed up. this server is Not e-girl friendly at all unless you like being called a bth and a He, or Trans Piece of Advice to the owner Teach your admins that they have to FAIR NON BAIS ADMINS . As i F8 out another new person had the same issue with admins pick friends over the right thing to do. Do better

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