A one of a kind FiveM Roleplay server created by a small team of developers. Allegedly RP is a high-quality white-listed server, with a positive, non pay-to-play environment. The only thing we are missing is you! Our community is amazing, and always ready to help out. We are extremely beginner friendly, we assist each and every player get on their feet. In our server, murder, assassination, corruption, supernatural roleplay is allowed and encouraged! There are endless things to do in this server with this community at your side.

What Allegedly Roleplay has to offer

  • Player Owned Businesses, just apply after being active in the city to own one!

  • All businesses are looking for staff!

  • Multi-Job System, have ten jobs at once!

  • Very active staff team, we are always there to help you out!

  • 100s of Custom Vehicles

  • 100s of Custom Clothing Items

  • Server is female-owned so the girlies have a lot of clothing, hair, and makeup! <3

  • Custom Gangs

  • EUP Clothing

  • Custom Weapons

  • Custom Food and Recipes for Businesses

  • Custom Tattoos, developers will happily add a tattoo in for you!

  • There are two police departments, BCSO and SASP waiting to be filled with friendly faces to represent the community! There are multiple police stations throughout the city, police radar, a custom MDT, an evidence and forensics system is in place. Police are able to play K9’s and control them.

  • SAFR is looking for employees, are based out of Rockford Fire Station. SAFR are able to control K9’s and control them for search & rescue operations and therapy purposes.

  • Ocean Medical w/ 5 floors !

  • Rockford Fire Station, Police Station, and City Hall all come together in a beautiful way to ensure the emergency services are able to have an efficient, and safe work environment!

  • Looking for lawyers and judges to represent our community in the Department of Justice!

  • Many legal jobs and activities such as fishing, mining, hunting, delivery job, real estate, mechanic jobs, diving, garbage job, news job, hotdog job, trucker job, recycling, and news job.

  • Many illegal activities such as boosting, racing, money washing, house robberies, blackouts, bobcat, oil rig heist, pacific bank robbery, warehouse robberies, yacht heist, vehicle chopping, fleeca bank robberies, weapon and item crafting, drug sales (Cocaine, Heroine, Weed, etc.), and blackmarket

  • All mechanic shops are able to be owned, mechanic shops that are owned are looking for employees!

  • Custom Phone

  • Massive Emote Menu (1000’s of emotes)

  • Functional movie screens, working car radios, working dj booths, functional chairs in stores, /dance command, and shoe stealing.

  • Many businesses in the city are still up for grabs, find a list in the Discord!

Join us now!! <3


Allegedly is looking for people to join all departments including SASP, SAFR, DOJ, BCSO. We are also looking for business owners, business employees, real estate employees ! Come build your legacy in AllegedlyRP! <3

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The Vanilla Unicorn opening was a success ! <3

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Bean Machine Grand Opening 03/22 at 17:00 PST, 20:00 EST, 00:00 BST There will be 2 raffles + a free (With the purchase of any menu item) raffle for those new to the city, menus specials and all access pass will be available 30 min before the opening ! Come fly in and get whitelisted before the grand opening !! <3

The AllegedlyRP Tebex has officially been setup and is live today! <3

San Andreas State Police and San Andreas Fire & Rescue are still hiring ! Come join us <3