Hillsborough County Roleplay | Custom EUP | Custom Server | Hiring all Departments |

Hillsborough County Roleplay

Hillsborough County Roleplay is a starting community! We are accepting all Departments that will be listed below! We are a FiveM community ONLY and we do accept people that don’t have fiveM for dispatch!

Our Departments

Our departments are the following below! We are hiring all these departments and always will be! It will be in our Applications!

-Law Enforcement
-Fire Department
-Private Civilian Operations

Our Information

Server IP : Coming Soon! Not for the public at the moment.
Discord : https://discord.gg/Ak642sV

Our mission
Our mission is to get all the departments filled! We will love to have 100+ members!

Our Pictures

We have pictures of our cars and other things as well!

Discord invite link invalid/expired

Wow. That use to be my advertisement and pictures and y’all took it.