Hilfe kennt sich jemand aus

kennt sich jemand mit dem fehler code aus

[ script:oxmysql] SCRIPT ERROR in promise (unhandled rejection): Error: esx_multicharacter was unable to execute a query!
[ script:oxmysql] Unknown column ‘disabled’ in ‘field list’
[ script:oxmysql] SELECT identifier, accounts, job, job_grade, firstname, lastname, dateofbirth, sex, skin, disabled FROM users WHERE identifier LIKE ? LIMIT ? [“char%:7df16ca3b8487cb5af28ea67647ce58d7ce29117”,4]
[ script:oxmysql] > (@oxmysql/dist/build.js:21745)
[ script:oxmysql] > processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96)
[ script:oxmysql] > async rawQuery (@oxmysql/dist/build.js:21734)
[ script:oxmysql]

The error is actually already in there. It cannot find the field “disabled” (oxmysql). Check if you have installed esx_multicharacter correctly and also added the .SQL file to your ESX database.