High Life Roleplay | Active Staff and LEO | All Departments Hiring | discord.gg/SjVp5RFE

We are a new server trying to get more of a player base. Still in the early development stages so there is much more to come!
Join our discord to get started!

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Hello Everyone i am the Director of HLRP if you want Realistic and Professional RPS come check us out we strive for Activity and Realism check us out today

This post needs to be taken down, as there already is a post of this community, and multiple posts violates the bazaar rules. Not to be rude lol, just dont want you getting in trouble.

There is another very known server called high life. It has hundreds of players. Might be that one you see hehe

No. Same server bud.

is this to join lucid city rp discord? having trouble finding the right link.

hey its saying i cant join lucid city rp i made sure discord is running but its still not working this is what it says

“Connection rejected by Cosm0’s server: Role ID not found, please relog and make sure discord is running!”