[HELP] Ymap objects disappearing (problem with "drawing distance?")[VIDEO]

So I’ve just created simple drag racing track with MapMaker in singleplayer, exported it to .xml and then converted to .ymap so I can stream it on my server.
The problem is with disappearing objects of that track. When my character is far (about 100m) from the object I cannot see any objects, but when I’m comming closer I can see some objects, but not whole track.
Firstly I’ve made map in single with mapmaker, then using ME2YM converter I made it name.xml.ymap file with Calc.Extents option, then put it in openIV to make it final name.ymap.
Check out that video.

Track is working perfect in singleplayer but it’s got a problem in fivem server.

I searched the whole forum, but I can’t find any post with my problem. Maybe it’s just software problem, or mine?

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Hello, I know your pain. I posted about this here: Problem with script [object-loader]

Of course a few months later appeared a great tool which you mentioned. I mean converter tool from [.xml] to [.ymap]. You have to know that during creating the map though use props is possible to set LODs (level object detal). I never created any maps by using map editor. Probalbly you need to load your map in format [.xml] and try change LODs.

Additionally to confirm that the problem lies in LODs you can easy try change something value in your settings.xml file.
C:\Users[YOUR PROFILE]\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\settings.xml

Look at screenshot at below:

Try change the value: from <MaxLodScale value="1.000000" /> to <MaxLodScale value="5.000000" />
Please be careful if you change the value too high your VRAM (I mean graphic card memory), will overloaded and can be appear artefacts!

If you don’t feel confident, try this modyfication: https://pl.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-v-extreme-draw-distance-mod

I hope i helped you :wink:
Regards, Ordenko.

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Thanks for a reply, but I don’t understand that sentence.
FiveM servers supports only ymap format, not xml or you meant, that i need to load it in singleplayer, but I don’t have any idea how to change that LODs for specific xml’s.

I mean your map must be load in single-player (not FiveM) by using Map Editor. Of course in .xml format not .ymap After this you should be able to change LODs of all props.


FiveM servers supports only ymap format, not xml

Not exactly, probably you didn’t notice what I mentioned. Object-Loader is a script wrote in LUA made by “root” available here: [Release] Object Loader (loads map .xml files)
Before this tool: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/mapeditor-2-ymap-converter was created. Maps did could be loaded by object-loader in .xml format. That’s what the resource looked:

local function object_entry(data)
	dependency 'object-loader'


object_entry 'lighthouse.xml'

Additionaly as I said, I never edited and create any maps by Map Editor. So I will could wrong.

I hope helped.
Regards, Ordenko.

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Did you ever fix this? if so, will you please help me :frowning:

So i ran into the same problem with some of the stunt props, especially with the road prop from the video. I’ve tried to load stunt maps with more variety of stunt props and it seems to load some of the props from large distances, but some of them only appears when I’m standing next to them.

Also, I changed LOD values in the ymap.xml but it doesn’t seem to fix it. Is there any solution or explanation?

EDIT: So the only real solution I found is loading objects with Native functions, and the setting their LOD to ~500. Maybe it’s a better solution than streaming ymap, because I have more control over objects.

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do you fix it?

need a fix too.

Can you explain how to ? My LOD on the YMP are already to 500.

I couldn’t figure it out how to fix the ymap streaming, so instead of streaming the objects with ymap file, I used this native for creating those objects from script.

Thank you for your answer, it really appreciated.
I’m really really beginner on FiveM and don’t really know how to use this function. You maybe have a link about how to use it?

Thats actually a very smart idea @lbkali. I’m not that bad when it comes to scripting, im just really new to lua, but I’ve just got 3 questions for this method. 1: what type of file do I have to create to put all of the natives/script in? 2: Is it just a simple copy and paste native and change the object, and position? 3:Is it easy to mass create such as copying a huge line of code from an xml document to this script? Thanks