Help with wall prop

Hey guys, I’m searching for someone who can help me with a simple wall prop that i need for our hood. Talking about the Marlowe Vineyard i would need the brick wall as an prop add on so the owner of the server im playing on can upload it and block the entrances / exits. Can anyone help me - i guess for someone who is into this that request should be really easy and quickly done.

It’s not a single prop, it’s part of the whole building. The entire building is ch1_09b_vnyrdblg.

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Hi @ChristopherM thanks for your response. I know that this specific one is part of the building, but i need it as a prop to reproduce it for other areas.

sth like this, at least this is what the owner of the server I’m playing on told me:

a prop like this as what i marked on the first screenshot

Hello, as ChristopherM says above, this is not a props.
If you want to have it in props it is possible but you will have to get the 3D model with these textures and create your own props from that.

So you will need to use Codewalker and/or OpenIV, and a 3D software. You can find a lot of tutorials on this kind of subject on youtube.

Alright, thanks a lot for the explanation! I will try and find out - guess i didnt get it right in the beginning. Thanks guys!

We usually make a ymap in code walker and then put a gate there to close the entrance. This is the site I use to get the names of props >> here