Help with Tornado script

Okay I have a tornado script I want to implement into the server except I dont think I set my .lua file correctly. Could someone help me and be able to tell what I did wrong?

TornadoScript.ini (424 Bytes)
TornadoScript.dll (21.5 KB)
__resource.lua (61 Bytes)

Oh my God. Where do I start. Come on, then you can not just download a mod from and hope that just by adding the __resource file it works on FIVEM. Things do not work that way. You have to convert this mod to .lua which is the basic language of FIVEM. and not just copy and paste you will have to create the script from scratch

You know how to program in .lua or C #

Below I will leave the link to everything I used when I started at fiveM

Native functions for Notepad++

fivem documentation

native references to .lua script

All color for script drawtext in lua

This help you for create a basic script


So … this is it. Good luck and welcome.


ps : heyy pssttt man lua isn’t the basic language of fivem… , it’s made in c++.

My little mistake. is that 99% of scripts are made in .lua

yes most of script are made in lua cause it’s more easy for common people to learn lua faster then c# or c++ but you can use all of this language for making script ^^

how would I convert the tornado script that is .dll to .lua so I can modify it to work with the server? @KiKoZl I watched your videos but it doesnt tell me anything about converting the .dll so I can have an idea of how to incorporate the files so i can make them fully work

So. From what I remember it has not become as native in GTA V. And a DLL file is a compiled file you can decompile but it would not look 100%. So you have to create something totally from the beginning. But you’re looking at gta natives to see if you can call a reference in the script

@304bl learn me how to create a C++ resource, Im curious ^^

I’d love to know aswell as C++ is my main language, pm me when you got the info please!

i never try to do c++ script for fivem , but i saw few script made in c++ , ill look for it closer and keep you inform Tornado Script ported to FiveM