Help with Spawning vehicles with extras

I spawn the car and it has none of the extras ( top light bar, visor lights, and more ) spawn on the vehicle.
I am trying to see about if there is a way to spawn it with all the extras because it seems to be very random and 90% of the spawn has zero lights. Is there any Ideas from anyone i tried something like this,
if ModKit == “yes” then
SetVehicleModKit(Vehicle ,0)
SetVehicleMod(Vehicle , 0, 1)
but it did not work. Im sure I am not the first person with this issue maybe we can fix it for all! :smile:

That is not how it works…

Thanks for the info, Im learning thats why im here brother.

if you give me some more informations I could probably help you.

Are the things that are not visible vehicle mod parts or extras?

i was trying to use this charger,
and it works fine just cant get it to spawn with all extras attached, like so
it spawns with non of these lights, I am spawning it via Custom police garage, and scripthook is disabled on server.

Have you tried using this?

SetVehicleExtra(veh, extra, true/false)

False would turn it on. True turns it off.


Didnt see this im going to give it a try and if it works i will post an update to let u know!! THANKS

It did work thank you so much for helping me out.:kissing_heart:

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where do you put the setvehicle, like what file is it in?

Well for me its the my custom garage spawning system, I dont use trainers for my project.

oh u are putting this in the garage.lua? I thought u could do this in the vehicle data files or something

where you put that text?

did u found in wich file goes?