Help with Orbital Cannon


On our Server we would Like to have the Orbital Gun.
We alreade have a Script for that. -> Wich works Perfectly.
Ist the Orbital Cannon Script of Mythical_Bro.
But with this Script everyone can use it by simpy Pressing F1.
We would Like that only Players of a Specific Job can only Acces the Orbital Cannon on Cerrtain Points.
So I startet Scripting on that, by copyed things out of our esx_teleports Script.

But now he gives this error that on Line 478 is a unexcpectet symbol near ‘)’ …

But there is no such Thing.

client.lua (18.3 KB)

This is the Script I have edited.

I Hope someone Can help me

The issue.

What’s the orbital cannon script?

You can view/download it here:

Hello, i know how to fix that if you send me full script here because this taking string from other files i mean, or is the client lua is only file if that script

what is the keybind to open the script

What’s the keybind to use the orbital_cannon? And where can I change the keybind for the obbital_cannon would be?

The keybind is F1