Help with my server!

I have a server! and i can join it but my Friend cant (Thay cant find it!) (This comeing up Sometimes )

Are you running this on your computer behind a firewall? Because if so, you need to open ports on your computer’s firewall as well as do proper port forwarding. You’ll have to look up instructions for your specific ISP’s modem/router to port forward. As for that error, it looks like an issue with one of your streamed files? When you get that, check the console and see what resource the error happens in.


Where can i unlook the firewall i have do it on my router! ???

It TCP or UDP? In the Firewall?

And what i take? And This And ??

@Scott What i take? | It TCP or UDP? In the Firewall?

And what i take? And This And ??

The quickest way to test if this even fixes it is to just disable your firewall. If it still does not work then something else is your problem. I’d try that first. But, yes, you are at the right place, you can name it whatever. It should be TCP, I believe. I’m not where I can check. TCP is pretty standard, though.

Thx for the help i will test it soon :smiley:

I have open my firewall and it wil not working! What i going to do?

Can you define not working? Not showing on the list? Connecting and disconnecting, etc…? What’s actually happening? What do you expect to happen?

I can join but my friends cant find it in the list!

Are you doing port forwarding? If you are not using a publicly-accessible server/computer you need to forward ports from the outside to the device on the inside.