Help with emotes

I’ve seen several servers with a gui at the top left with dynamic emotes where you can walk around and was wondering where I can find it? The biggest server with it for reference is DOJ. But I can’t seem to find it. Help please?

I’m looking for the same thing. Have you found any?

Unfortunately, I have not. I’ve tried so hard to find it :frowning:

Is this what you are looking for?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Your resource is amazing and all, but we’re looking for more of an emote menu where you can say for example, hold a box and walk around with it. Not interaction emotes with other players.

Thats exactly what dpemotes is though? /e box for your example does that exact thing.
Its not just the shared emotes

Ahh… Gotcha. Just looked through it. Didn’t see this the last time I tried it out… Possibly installed it wrong last time. Now question, is there a way to possibly change it from using a keybind, to being able to open it from another menu by triggering an event?

yep! if you just go in config.lua and set menukeybindenabled to false the f3 key will be disabled.
then you can use TriggerEvent("“dp:RecieveMenu”) to open it in another resource/menu

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Now… One more question, sorry for being such a pain. Is there any way to configure a “/cancelemote” command. So when you use the chat to do emotes, you can also use the chat to cancel them?

Yes there already is one its /e c, or if you have the option enabled X key will cancel the emote if theres one playing

Perfect thanks!

Quick question. I promise it’s my last. Is it possible to disable controller support? Because every time I press “B” on my controller, it bring up the menu and doesn’t let me drive.

config.MenukeybindEnabled = false does not disable the F3 key.

The shared emotes is there but I can not get it to work with other players

how do you make /me txt appear above players head instead of it being in chat?

It has nothing to do with this thread, try this: GitHub - eblio/3dme: A FiveM script written in LUA that implements the /me command with 3D printing.

Does anyone know how to unbind an emote after using the /emotebind command with this menu? i cant figure it out and using the F8 console does nothing. Even asked around and no one knows how to. Additionally, i have tried looking around and have found nothing and im starting to lose hope. The emotes disappeared a while ago when the server did something but then i decided to be a dumbass and rebound everything with the command.