[HELP] Vehicles with different visual and same performance

Can anyone tell me how to create two add-on vehicles that are accurate in performance but with different visual forms? for example an “Audi A5” and a “Bmw M4” that have exactly the same performance. According to the tests I have done, changing the same handing.meta is not enough.

Thank you

Creating a different handling for both vehicles should do the magic trick

I want the same handling for different cars but use the same handling.meta is not enough

And does every handling have the handling attached to a seperate vehicle because you cant just copy paste a handling.meta, you will have to edit the vehiclesnames inside

Copying the handling.meta in the two cars is the first thing I have done (and changing the name in vehicle.meta obviously) but it is not enough for them to have the same performance. I have the feeling that each car has data from the original GTA5 car that are out of the handling.meta and I do not know how to get to them.
I hope someone knows how to respond to this …