Help to create a 'Duty System'


I have started to create a duty system for my server, the basic idea of it would be to show you on duty as a cop, sheriff deputy, etc but not be targeted by the ai and also allow them to help you via a /backup command. The command im currently working on is the /duty command but im stumped at TriggerClientEvent.

here is what i have so far in the server

  • RegisterServerEvent(“chatCommandEntered”)
    AddEventHandler(‘chatCommandEntered’, function(fullcommand)
    command = stringsplit(fullcommand, “”)

if(command[1] == “/duty”) then

if anyone could make any suggestions on how to proceed from there it would be much appreciated. .

Hi Wolfstrike, just wondering did you ever get this sorted out as I’m looking to do the same on my server. Thanks

not really because i could never figure out where to go from there

alright thanks anyway. have you come across anything new that is good for a police/fire dept/ems roleplaying server such as commands or scripts. Thanks in advance

not as of the moment, except for no siren, but thats really it. If i could find an arrest script it would really be good for an rp server but at this point idk where it could be. there is an arrest script here. havent tested it out yet so cant say it works for certain

not really an arrest script there

if you go to page and click source code it brings you to a github page that has admin commands. on top of these it says FiveReborn—MultiFive-Real-Life-Roleplay-Server, click that, then resources and then arrest

got it, thanks. I may test it. if you wanna join my server to help me test it then send me a chat message or join my discord at:

@GanjaMonster will it work server side or will it throw errors?
Has it been tested?

it can throw errors due to other resources that you might be using so if it dose disable some , and it needs work but basics are there

@GanjaMonster okay, i tested it, now is there a key that allows you to get out of the menu once you get a ped on the ground?

@Wolfstrike said in Help to create a 'Duty System':

@GanjaMonster okay, i tested it, now is there a key that allows you to get out of the menu once you get a ped on the ground?

Left arrow key

@kanersps make a ini with keys so everyone knows whats what