Help spawning helicopters at normal locations

Hi there everyone!

I’m trying to set up a fun server for my friends and I that comes as close to authentic GTAO play as possible. One of the things that we miss is the ability to steal a helicopter at the normal locations like the helipad beside the docks, the police station at the northen end of the map, etc. We sometimes see helicopters flying above these locations but we never see a parked and unoccupied one.

Could someone tell me how I would add these helicopters into the game that they would spawn and if we take one another would eventually take it’s place?

Thanks for your time!

These are the resources that we’re currently running:

start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start sessionmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start ■■■■■■■
start scoreboard
start playernames
#inserted trough ZAP ressourcesystem
start mysql-async
start essentialmode
start esplugin
start es_admin2
## From ESX Pack ##
start async
start cron
start es_extended
start esx_barbershop
start esx_clotheshop
start esx_datastore
start esx_garage
start esx_identity
start esx_lscustom
start esx_menu_default
start esx_menu_dialog
start esx_menu_list
start esx_property
start esx_shops
start esx_sit
start esx_skin
start esx_vehicleshop
start esx_weashops
start es_camera
start instance
start skinchanger
## End of ESX Pack ##

start mellotrainer
start bob74_ipl
start mrp-missions-2.2
start coordsaver
start loqscript-material_load-loadingscreen
start freemode-remix
start trains
start cnrvehicles
start eden_animal

Any help would be appreciated. I found this resource: [Release] Helicopter Shop (and garage)(06/04/2017)

But it’s broken due to not working with current server. I’d take something like this iif parking helos and planes around the map that will respawn over time when taken by a player isn’t easily done.

Thanks for your time!