[Help] Shops not loading any menus- nothing triggers

Need some help, E menus arnt showing up in any of the normal shops. They work fine for gas, doors, etc, but wont show up or work in shops like the liquor store, markets, gun store.

Any help would be great. I believe I may have installed a resource that is causing this issue but I went heavy installing resources and dont know what caused the issue now. server.cfg order- would love any feedback-

QBCore locale config

setr qb_locale β€œen”
exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg

These resources will start by default.

ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure basic-gamemode
ensure hardcap
ensure baseevents
ensure vMenu
ensure 10char
ensure 18tah1
ensure 20exp1
ensure 11CVPI
ensure lssd
ensure riot
ensure lvc
ensure Bikerack
ensure flhxs_streetglide_special18
ensure dynalrs

QBCore & Extra stuff

ensure qb-core
ensure qb-policejob
ensure qb-garages
ensure qb-clothing
ensure qb-phone
ensure qb-menu
ensure qb-log
ensure qb-input
ensure [qb]
ensure [standalone]
ensure [voice]
ensure [defaultmaps]
ensure qb-vehicleshop
ensure qb-vehiclesales
ensure qb-towjob
ensure qb-drugs
ensure qb-bankrobbery
ensure qb-busjob
ensure qb-houses
ensure qb-radialmenu
ensure qb-multicharacter
ensure qb-weathersync
ensure qb-interior
ensure qb-skillbar
ensure qb-anticheat
ensure qb-weed
ensure qb-radio
ensure qb-management
ensure qb-inventory
ensure qb-lockpick
ensure qb-scrapyard
ensure qb-traphouse
ensure qb-truckerjob
ensure qb-prison
ensure qb-smallresources
ensure qb-shops
ensure qb-pawnshop
ensure prison_canteen
ensure prison_main
ensure prison_meeting
ensure qb-cityhall
ensure qb-ambulancejob
ensure qb-apartments
ensure qb-spawn
ensure qb-atms
ensure qb-adminmenu
ensure qb-banking
ensure qb-bankrobbery
ensure qb-blackjack
ensure qb-casino
ensure qb-commandbinding
ensure qb-crypto
ensure qb-customs
ensure qb-diving
ensure qb-doorlock
ensure qb-fitbit
ensure qb-garbagejob
ensure qb-hotdogjob
ensure qb-houserobbery
ensure qb-hud
ensure qb-ifruitstore
ensure qb-jewelery
ensure qb-mechanicjob
ensure qb-taxijob
ensure qb-vehiclefailure
ensure qb-vineyard
ensure qb-weapons
ensure rfc_motoclub_mlo
ensure aodmcpack
ensure lpchopper
ensure dragnova
ensure maliboohoo
ensure dragekcivick
ensure s10drag
ensure sstex
ensure dragek
ensure egd
ensure 2JZ S2000

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Make sure you follow the same cfg format that we have here for stock qb-resources txAdminRecipe/server.cfg at main Β· qbcore-framework/txAdminRecipe (github.com)

thank you, I use rocket node and noticed that as I was trying to trouble shoot when I removed a resource from my resources folder or removed it from my server.cfg what ever I removed was still starting up. Is there another way to remove a resource? I assumed it would be the same as adding it.

If you want to stop a resource, just add this under the rest of the [folders]

stop qb-resourcename

Alternatively, just remove it from the [folder]

so ya thats where things get weird bc i deleted one file form the resource folder and when the server starts it says the file i deleted started successfully

just wanted to add my findings from this- so the issue/solution- I added qb-shops to my resource file from github to replace the original qb-shops file that comes when you setup a qbcore server on rocketnode. This creates an issue that causes the E prompt to disappear. Found the original file from server startup and that fixed the issue.