[HELP] Questions for days, coordinates

Like I don’t even know where to begin, I was so excited to jump on the FiveReborn wagon especially since I come from the MTA community and got some about 3 years Lua experience.

First thing that made me so mad was the fact that there are NO documents what so ever. I’ve been googling and googling all day to find information about script functions and so on. Eventually I found some but that didn’t really help either. Then I see tons of people making fantastic scripts for the community but then I ask myself “How in gods name could that create this without documents?” yet not clues about that subject.

So I guess I just ask here, before I even begin to start scripting for this platform. How would I get coordinates for different things such as spawns etc? Can’t find any decent tools or map editors to do this, been googling and yet no clue.

I can tell y’all this forums will be lit with all my questions, don’t blame me. Blame the fact that there are no documents…

You mostly have to just do research by looking into other scripts currently, but there’s documentation comming soon.