[HELP PLEASE] Garbage Truck Job

Hello All, Again After a lot of research I crawl to the community for Guidance!! =)

I have found a Garbage Truck Job that I would like to implement into Freemode+Essentials. Although I am sure that this Job does not require these…

Here is the code : https://github.com/francoios/FiveM-PlugzServer/tree/master/cfx-server/resources/garbage

Thus Far I Placed the folder in resources + Server start up config / Cleared Cache. There is no blip on the Map, when i go to what I imagine is the garbage truck center (from experience of this job on LiT CiTy) nothing happens or pops up. Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thank you!!

EDIT Released for ESX on 11/06/2017:
This has been created and implemented into ESX here is the file - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/344555808769441827/377216732051275778/esx_garbagejob.rar

any questions join the discord, PM for discord invite!

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We need this script please help him ! lol !

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This script will not work by itself. Read the code. TriggerServerEvent. Where’s the server side script this relies on? The rp: should be es: and your not using the export req veh.

good point, and can you explain what export required vehicle is? thanks!

From what I can gather the required vehicle comes from another script. Many scripts made by and for server are like this. Because they rely on other scripts. Take just one away and it doesn’t work. It’s similar to how Kane made the advancedRp. The scripts are interwoven. They are shuffled together like a dealers deck of cards. When I get home I’ll take a better look at it and see what I can do. No promises, I’ve already bitten off more than I can chew trying to fix carcrash.dll.

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Excellent, I will try to shuffle this deck in the mean time and report back with my findings. Thanks again for looking into this as well for me!

Looking through that same GitHub resources I don’t see the server event in question. And the garbage job is not on the .Yml. so it never worked on the server from the GitHub. Lit city may hold the answer to our questions. And they aren’t going to let it out anytime soon.

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yes that is what i was just looking through… LOL well I will try to make my owner server file, When I do it I will post it

Still No Luck LOL =(

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