[Help] Player Name With ID Above Ped

Fairly new to the whole ideology behind scripting, actually in the process of learning a thing or two. I’m curious on how I would go about making a script where you can see the players character name along with the Identifier they receive when they connect to my server. I seen a few scripts out there but they either don’t work or havent caught my attention.

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You would use DrawText3D (this needs to be written up as a function)

along with GetPlayerServerId(id) and a Citizen.CreateThread

Hi @mrsoflashy,

Although what @AussieDropBear mentioned is technically correct, I would not recommend it.

Instead, what you’re looking for is called gamer tags. These are natives taken from GTA:O (if I remember right) and you can use them safely in your server to display player names, player IDs, wanted levels and other miscellaneous badges.

Read more about gamer tags on the Cfx.re docs