[HELP] Peds don't attack player


I can’t seem to make peds attack the player.
I gave them a melee weapon, tried different natives to make them attack the player but they just raise their melee weapon and look at the player without doing anything.

I’ve set up a group for the player and the peds, made the peds hate the player.
I’ve tried :

  • SetPedCombatAttributes
  • TaskGuardCurrentPosition
  • SetPedCombatRange
  • SetPedCombatMovement
  • SetPedCombatAbility
  • RegisterHatedTargetsAroundPed
  • TaskCombatPed
  • TaskCombatHatedTargetsAroundPed

Do you have any clue what could be wrong ? Thanks

Use ped relationships. Search the natives for relationships

I’ve also done that, same result