[HELP] Odd Server Behavior - Cant load most resources and server won't show up

Hello, Today I tried opening the new FXServer (well, more like upgrade my old server) To get it working with the new client.
I was working by the tutorial set in the Wiki and almost everything seems to have been set up properly.
Although Whenever I am launching the server through a command that I’ve made which is:

cd D:\FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master
D:\FIVEMServer\NewServer\run.cmd +exec server.cfg

The server loads up, finds all of the resources that I have installed, Starts only sessionmanager resource, and starts the server as usual. I cant seem to connect to it by using my internet/external IP or localhost.
Can someone help me out here? Thanks.

Server cmd window:

D:\FIVEMServer\NewServer>cd D:\FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master

D:\FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master>D:\FIVEMServer\NewServer\run.cmd +exec server.cfg
Initializing Mono
Initializing Mono completed

Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.

Failed to get instance for guid a7242855-0350-4cb5-a0fe-61021e7eafaa and iid 567634c6-3bdd-4d0e-af39-7472aed479b7: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element
  at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] source, System.Func`2[T,TResult] predicate) [0x00011] in <48501e5f32e8491e924f8b8beae3e4f6>:0
  at CitizenFX.Core.RuntimeManager.CreateObjectInstance (System.Guid guid, System.Guid iid) [0x00014] in C:\gl\builds\4ff63adb\0\cfx\fivem\code\client\clrcore\RuntimeManager.cs:39
Found new resource airmods in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//airmods
Found new resource carmods in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//carmods
Found new resource carpack in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//carpack
Found new resource clearcar in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//clearcar
Found new resource fivem in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//fivem
Found new resource fivem-awesome1501 in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//fivem-awesome1501
Found new resource fivem-map-hipster in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//fivem-map-hipster
Found new resource fivem-map-skater in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//fivem-map-skater
Found new resource ivpack in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//ivpack
Found new resource servsync in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//servsync
Found new resource siren in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//siren
Found new resource sirencontrols in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//sirencontrols
Found new resource race in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[gamemodes]/race
Found new resource race-test in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[gamemodes]/race-test
Found new resource channelfeed in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[gameplay]/channelfeed
Found new resource irc in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[gameplay]/irc
Found new resource obituary in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[gameplay]/obituary
Found new resource obituary-deaths in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[gameplay]/obituary-deaths
Found new resource mapmanager in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[managers]/mapmanager
Found new resource baseevents in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/baseevents
Found new resource chat in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/chat
Found new resource hardcap in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/hardcap
Found new resource ■■■■■■■ in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/■■■■■■■
Found new resource scoreboard in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/scoreboard
Found new resource sessionmanager in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/sessionmanager
Found new resource spawnmanager in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[system]/spawnmanager
Found new resource betaguns in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[test]/betaguns
Found new resource gameInit in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[test]/gameInit
Found new resource keks in D:/FIVEMServer\NewServer\cfx-server-data-master/resources//[test]/keks
Started resource sessionmanager
No such command e.
No such command e.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command r.
No such command s.
No such command s.
No such command a.
No such command a.
No such command a.
No such command s.
No such command m.
cfx> Resolved live-internal.fivem.net:30110 to
Sending heartbeat to live-internal.fivem.net:30110
Sending heartbeat to live-internal.fivem.net:30110
hitch warning: frame time of 35383 milliseconds

cfx-server-data-master Folder consists of:


Server.cfg File consists of:

# you probably don't want to change these!
# only change them if you're using a server with multiple network interfaces
endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp ""

start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start sessionmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start ■■■■■■■
start scoreboard

sv_scriptHookAllowed 1

# change this
rcon_password ********************************** (lol I am not posting that here.)

sv_hostname "FXserver Nirch's Testing Server (Israel ✡ ישראל)"

# nested configs!
#exec server_internal.cfg

# loading a server icon (96x96 PNG file)
#load_server_icon myLogo.png

# convars for use from script
set temp_convar "hey world!"

# disable announcing? clear out the master by uncommenting this
#sv_master1 ""

# want to only allow players authenticated with a third-party provider like Steam?
#sv_authMaxVariance 1
#sv_authMinTrust 5

# add system admins
add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don't allow quit
add_principal identifier.steam:110000112345678 group.admin # add the admin to the group

# hide player endpoints in external log output
#sv_endpointprivacy true

# server slots limit (default to 24)
sv_maxclients 24

#map select
map fivem-map-hipster

Make sure that you are using FXServer and also try cloning this and reinstalling it.


^ Make sure that the startup folder is not called cfx-server-data-master and is called resources and then have the direct resource file in there!

Your best bet is to play with the directories, i had the same problem until i got the directories the correct way, try removing the “NewServer” folder completely, essentially it would be like this D:\FIVEMServer\cfx-server-data-master\resources, unlike what BlockBa5her said, i have mine called cfx-server-data-master, and it works just fine. Saying that, your situation could be different and he could be right. Basically try a few things to get it running.

Sorry for the late response (PC Issues), Didn’t seem to make any difference.

Fiddling with the names and changing it’s location (from Drive D: to drive E:) Didn’t seem to work.

SOLUTION FOUND - Saving Server.cfg as Unicode screwed up the resource loading. SAVE IT AS ANSI.
EDIT: UTF-8 also works, Enjoy symbols and custom languages.

Case closed.
GG me.

didnt work for me sooooo idk what to do

i had a similar issue once, it turned out to be a difference between ascii versions of the " and ’ symbols (there are versions that have a direction, they dont work/ cause errors)