[HELP] New Blips not working

I’ve got a problem with the new blips in FiveM!
Not working!

Game version:
FXServer version:

Help please!

What Sprite ID are you attempting to use?

777, the los santos carmeet


Works fine here, so I’m guessing your server is somehow failing to change to the right game build. https://fivem.fail/gta4/TaskCombatTimed/cVCwq8REO.png

It has to be change the game build becouse, ive got the island and the carmeet interior.

I too have used this blip with no issues. Check your coordinates and naming. Check that you haven’t copied and pasted previously inputted coordinates.

If coordinates are right, and your server is on the correct DLC level, in theory, it should be working.

Any luck with getting this running?
Can’t get any blips above 725 working.

did you fix it if not i could possibly help

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Yes and no, the solution I’ve gone with involves removing the minimap.gfx which was hiding a lot of stuff like the health bar, armor bar and minimap borders and just running a loop every frame to hide them manually.

Ultimately I’d like to figure out how to import the new blips into that minimap.gfx and use them without the overhead, if you’ve got any ideas please lmk

minimap.gfx shouldn’t be a cause of the issue