[Help Needed] Server Startup

I’ve been happy to play Roleplay, but I want my own private server. I’ve got server up to running but still have a lot of plugins / scripts to get server up to running properly.

Are there any plugins / Scripts dedicated to FiveM?

I’ve tried to get plugins / Scripts into server, but only got one to work.

Is there an easy guide for plugins / Scripts?

Hope there are some can help

Sorry for bad English

Scripts comaptible with FiveM : https://forum.cfx.re/c/development/releases (there’re a lot)
To make them working, just follow installation section

There’re some tutorials : https://forum.cfx.re/c/development/tutorials
Here a small tutorial for create some basics scripts : [How-To] Create a basic script

You should also look at LUA or C# languages and have a look to http://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html (it’s a list where is stored a lot of functions which can be used on one of your script)
You should also take as example all scripts which are available here to understand how it’s working

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Thanks You So much, I will look in to it

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