[HELP] Multiple Departments with esx_policejob (further discussion)

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The previous response suggested that if you wanted to have multiple agencies LSPD, BCSO, SASP for example that you would just duplicate the esx_policejob resource and run multiple instances of it by searching through the various places in lua and changing ‘police’ to something else.

This seems to be very inefficient from a server resources standpoint and of course would require more changes in the drug scripts or any other economy elements on the server to match.

Has anyone implemented a more streamlined solution? My dev team is open to collaboration and discussion so if anyone wants to PM and has a working multi-agency script that is compatible or further based on esx_policejob I’d like to see it. Don’t want to duplicate effort if the community has already solved the problem.

Bottom line, looking for something more elegant than just running parallel copies of esx_policejob.


Yeah that method is old as heck haha another easier method is to just create the jobs in the database and include them in the job name checks of esx_policejob. Then you can add multiple coords, vehicles, etc to the config. This would allow cross-access for all departments and allow them to use the nearest PD.

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