[HELP] ME2YM Fails to Open my XML File

I have been trying to convert an XML file to YMAP but ME2YM keeps saying

“Failed to Read File”

I had downloaded the mod from the official site,

And this is the XML I am trying to convert,

I even tried another XML map and it also resulted in same.

If anyone could convert and upload it somewhere that would be really appreciated. However, I want to know where I am doing wrong,

I have the same problem with one map but it was working fine with many other maps, i have no idea what could be the problem here.

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I had tried with two mods bro, was following a Tutorial and even tried to download and use the Map that the guy in tutorial video used. But still same error,

The guy in video is saying to do this, But I don’t know how it will work,

BTW, if you got time, can you try and open the file at your end?

you ever find a fix for this?