[HELP] Keymaster dont show the option for Home Hosted

Hello everyone,
I have the problem that the keymaster site does not show me the option to select under “Server type” the option “Home Hosted”

Any help?
Thank u :slight_smile:

is asking me
“Wich server provider are you using?”

i just need to type there Home Hosted or?

I did it,
after i put IP i got this error message:
“Could not resolve the IP specified (” :frowning:

Enter your home IP

1 Like just pings the root network of the server. With typing that in you would be trying to set up a server on the server that the keymaster page is hosted on.
You can use sites like https://www.whatsmyip.org to find out your IP and put that given IP adress in.

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Thank u so much guys, resolved :slight_smile:

What option did you pick to solve your problem?

Used “Other Option”, then go to https://www.whatsmyip.org and put your IP adress and not the

Worked for me

For me it’s still saying “Could not resolve the IP specified (”

Then read what is being said above

It is already pinged as the solution but just for you again @shasiwaren:

Maybe open a new thread for it. This thread is about using the keymaster. What you’re asking is more than off-topic.

Not how that works nor related to this topic or FiveM.