[Help] Installing a map mod (SPR\dlc.rpf) to fiveM for streaming

There’s a mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/static-planes-removed-add-on that will be amazing for usage in my server, however, I’m trying to mod as much of the server without modifying the ‘client side’ game as possible;

I want to be able to install this mod which requires a directory called SPR to be inserted within the DLCpacks folder (client side).
Are there any guides to installing add-on maps server sided, and if not, can someone help me turn this into a resource that can be streamed? Thanks!

I believe this would only work with LSPDFR and if you want to make it stream on FiveM just make a ymap and to do that it is easy just follow this tutorial on YouTube How to Create Custom Interiors in GTAV + FiveM with Menyoo. Hope this helped:)


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To add to this answer, I don’t think it can be done normally; You still have to extract the rpf and put the map files into the stream folder!