[Help][Idea] Looking to create events in game, with some flavor!

Hello all,

I have some ideas that would most likely help the community out, specifically in the RP sections.


When at a venue, theater, bar, or public place, the ability to create an “event” would be helpful in getting people together. (Good and bad). The in game menu would come up, with the ability to name the event, and how much money each person would receive while, or after attending the event. The person creating the event would be responsible for the fees, specifically how much money each person will receive.

I’d like to add “$” blips in a circle on the map, depending on how “big” the event is. (ie - the radius of the event)

Concert = Red
Race = Blue
Shooting a movie = White
High speed pursuit = Orange (can this move on the map based on the player’s movement as well?)

The site of the venue would have a large circle, based on the color of the event show up on the floor, provided details of the radius of how large the venue would be - there must be restrictions on size.

I’d like to have some of this information saved in a database (SQL is fine - CouchDB is better! ) for future references. This way, someone can create the same event as needed.

Also the ability to make money, or receive money from an event would also work - eg - fundraiser, party, house warming, etc.

My inability to scripts like everyone does here keeps me at a stand still. Otherwise, I’d be doing this myself.


Is anyone willing to assist with this?